Friday, July 25, 2008

San Fransisco Day 2

Today we did alot of walking! We started the day off with a great breakfast by Marion, of strawberry pancakes and fried apples. (very yummy!) Then off went to the city, after a quick stop to see the Golden Gate Bridge, which was fogged in (we will try again Saturday), we entered the city. We went to the Palace of Fine Art to take some pictures around the outside and see more expensive houses. We saw the home of Danielle Steele, a house with stainless steel garage doors and entry door (I forgot the famous person who owns it), a few houses where Marion had done some remodeling work and the court house where Aunt Betty and Marion were married. We also the house where Francis Ford Coppola edited the Godfather movies as well as Lucas Film's post production location at the old Fort Presidio and some of the interesting buildings there. We had lunch at Mel's Dinner and off Chinatown we went. Chinatown was interesting. I bought the girls a pair of shoes that I will have to post when I get home. Also saw the dried fish market, I will never be able to eat fish again, not that I ate it now anyway. We rode a Cable Car down to Fisherman's Wharf, which had a cable trouble about half way there. After about a 20 minute wait we were back up and running. This was fun, but a little than what we see on TV, fun but different. Fisherman's Wharf was crowded today. We walked out to Forbes Island, a man made island that houses a restaurant, saw the sea lions laying around talking to each other and then over to Pier 39 and more shopping. I could have done so much more shopping here but Raymond was with me.... enough said. Anyway, they have a beautiful carousel that my girls would have loved to get on. It had 2 levels. After we left Pier 39 we went over to Ghardelli Square. It was not as impressive as I thought it would be. A little over priced chocolate and a few shops and that was it. There was a cupcake bakery there, a dozen cupcakes was $36. There was also an Ice Cream Fountain but it was packed! We left there and took a cab back to the parking garage and drove over to North Beach (Italian part of town) and had dinner at North Beach Pizza-YUMMO-and back home we came. I am again once again so sleepy.

Outside in front of the Palace of Fine Arts, which is a children's museum and has the exploritorium (sp). The lake is so pretty with all the landscaping.

China Town Entrance

Raymond's new golf buddy

2 friends I knew my girls would like to meet

The Sea Lions laying out in the sun
Forbes Island - a real floating restaurant - which I saw on Al Roker Weird Eats on Food Network before we left home.

Tomorrow we are going to Napa Valley or Sonoma and back into the City on Saturday.

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Spellings Fam said...

Sounds like y'all are having fun. Can't wait to see pictures. I put some pictures up of the girls from VBS.