Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busted Lip -- Again

Yes, we have another busted lip. This one required a trip to the doctor's office. I was sweeping in the living room while the girls were playing in our room with their baby dolls. I hear a thump and a scream. I walk to see Allie holding her mouth and walking in circles on my bed (which has blood on it now). I pick her up and she moves her hand and blood is coming out of her hand and her mouth. I take her the kitchen and end up using 2 kitchen towels to try to stop the bleeding. I call the nurses line with Peds East and the poor nurse had to deal with me who could hardly hear due to the crying from Allie and Abby asking questions. The nurse said I could take Allie to the dentist and I can not believe I said the following "I don't a dentist" when I know of at least 4 that we go to church with!! She did set us to go Peds East in Germantown to see Dr. Bubba, who was great! I wish he came to the Bartlett office so we could see him all the time, but we do love Dr. Benaim as well. Anyway, Allie's lip is busted (no stitches, she would work them out if he put them in) and one of her front teeth is pushed up a little into the gum. But it should be ok. I was worried that she had pushed it up into her gums more than she did. She would not let me look at, at all. Anyway, her are the pictures I took when we got home. Per Dr. Bubba's orders :)


JenniferL. said...

And what an appropriate shirt she was wearing for the occasion.

Spellings Fam said...

OUCH! Poor girl. Cal busted his lip yesterday too. Hope it feels better soon.

Rachel Baker said...

i think you need to get mouthgards for your children. :)