Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat with Pouncer

Friday night was Trick or Treat with Pouncer at the Lady Tiger Volleyball match. Abby and Allie both freaked out when we walked into the Field House and heard the music playing, it was not even that loud! After I finally calmed them down, which took a while and the promise of seeing Pouncer we had a good time. We stayed through the first 2 matches/sets and then left.

Pouncer gave out cute trick or treat bags with the Pouncer Pals logo on it and most importantly FREE popcorn to each of the girls. Allie can not even take her hands out of her ears to eat so she talked her daddy into feeding her.

Notice the orange earplugs in Abby's ears :) She begged for them when we got there, she said "you forgot the earplugs" and was in tears. Once they were in she was fine.

As we were leaving Allie told us that Volleyball was really, really awesome. They both enjoyed watching the matches. Maybe we have found a sport for Allie, an indoor sport at that!

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