Saturday, June 11, 2011

Disney Food

I have been posting about the places we ate while we were in Disney, now here are the food pictures!  At Epcot we had lunch at Sunshine Seasons in The Land.  I had a Chicken Caesar salad with chocolate mousse cake. The cookie on my tray was one of the girls. My plate and the dessert plates made a Mickey Head :) 

Allie had a Pizza panini, surprisingly she ate it and liked it.  Abby had Mac & Cheese that was not very good at all.  Raymond had a turkey sandwich with some apple salsa like side and a muffin. 

Dinner was amazing! La Hacienda will be on our list to eat again next time we go to Epcot. 

Tri-Color Chips and 2 Salsa

We shared the "La Hacienda", it has steak, chicken and pork along with corn and mixed grilled veggies served with corn tortillas. 

Dessert~ Empanada and more chocolate mousse. The girls had ice cream.

Hollywood Studios ~ Mama Melrose
Raymond's Flatbread
 Allie's Pizza

my yummy dinner-can not remember the name, chicken, pasta, red pepper and spinach
 girls dessert
 Cannoli Cake

I don't have pictures of the 2 buffets we had breakfast (1900 Park Fare) and dinner at (Boma).  Boma was good, I would recommend it if you were looking for a place to eat at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Park Fare was your typical breakfast buffet. The girls enjoyed the Characters at Park Fare. 

Whispering Canyon Cafe ~ A Must Do for us again!
New York Strip

Canyon Skillet (chicken, beef, pork and ribs, corn, mashed potatoes and baked beans)
 Lots of Ketchup
 Bottomless Milkshakes (we all enjoyed this)

O'hana Breakfast ~ Best Breakfast ever!!!

Fresh fruit and pineapple bread (I found a recipe for the bread and hope to try it this summer)

It was served family style and they brought mickey waffles to our table as well. 

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