Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hollywood Studios

We arrived at Hollywood Studios at 8:40am along with everyone else!

After the morning movie shoot we headed straight to Toy Story Mania. Instead of getting a FP right off the bat we opted to ride. We waited about 35 minutes to ride and once we got off the ride we got a FP for later that day, 2:25 to be exact.

After TSM Raymond went to ride Tower of Terror and the girls and I went to see Sorcerer Mickey. After we saw Mickey we played in the Art of Animation area. Keeping it Real: when it was time to leave and share the computer she was playing on Allie went crazy with her behavior, pitching a fit and yelling. I finally got her out of the room and into a corner where we had a “come to Jesus” meeting.

We saw Donald and Daisy and found their line to be closed but was told when they would be back out. We meet back up with Raymond and walked over to the ABC Commissary for lunch.

The Friend Allie made while waiting for the ABC Commissary to open

It was a little before 11 and they did not open till 11 so we decided to wait since we were really hungry. While we were waiting outside the Commissary a Cast Member came over and asked us where we were from and if we wanted some Disney Magic by being their first family of the day. We said yes of course. We got to walk the red carpet into the Commissary and were lead to a table. Our lunch was served to us in real plates and with real silverware and glassware. The girls were given Toy Story Cups with their meal. 

During lunch Abby and I went and got in line for Donald and Daisy. After we finished with Donald and Daisy we went and finished our lunch. After Lunch we got our FP for Star Tours for 3:15. Raymond went to ride ToT and Rockin’ Roller Coaster.

The girls and headed back to Pixar Place and ran into a Green Army Man (see pictures in next post). We made our way on around to the Streets of America. While we were on the Streets of American Abby got a little over heated so we found a shade tree and sat down for a little while. We found the Singing in the Rain Umbrella and Allie enjoyed playing in the rain. We meet back up with Raymond and went and used our FP for TSM. After TSM we walked over to ride Star Tours. Abby was still not feeling well and did not want to ride so we caught the parade while Raymond and Allie rode Star Tours. Allie came off Star Tours so excited, she loved it. We still had 2 FP so I rode again with her. It was a really cool ride.

It was getting close to our dinner reservation so we headed over to Mama Melrose in the Streets of America area. On our way we found a Christmas store and a snow man in the middle of Florida! Mama Melrose was right next door and was fairly busy. We checked in and waited for our table for about 20 minutes. The food was good but I am not sure I would eat there again.


Some of the dining room

Allie has a brain freeze after eating her ice cream :)

I've thought about doing a food post of all the food we ate while we were at Disney bur I had to do this one now, it was so good!

After dinner Raymond went to ride ToT and RRC again and the girls and I started to walk back to the bus stop. Abby stopped and bought herself a Daisy to go with her Donald she had bought at DTD. We also caught some of the Disney Channel Rocks show.

Once back at the hotel the girls and I went swimming and got ready for an early morning. Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom ~ day 1!

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