Friday, June 3, 2011


We left our hotel at 8:20 and headed for Epcot. When we arrived at Epcot we headed straight to Test Track. On our way Allie asked for her water bottle, she took one drink and dropped it. She told us it was leaking, yes it was leaking because it was cracked all the way around, Raymond tossed it and we were on our way to Test Track. We rode Test Track twice and both girls loved it! We started walking toward The Land and stopped at The Character Spot since the wait was only 20 minutes and send Raymond on to get our Fastpasses for Soarin’. After meeting Mickey and the rest of the gang we went over and found Nemo (Finding Nemo ride) and took some pictures before having lunch at Sunshine Seasonings. After lunch we walked over to Mission Space and discovered Allie was too short to ride it.
Waiting for the bus to go to Epcot

The girls got to wear these time counting cards a lot during this trip.  A Cast Member would scan it and give it to you as you walked into the and when you bored the ride you would give it to another CM and it would track how long you waited in line for the ride.  They loved doing this and helped keep them entertained a little while waiting. 

See Raymond in the background :)

Keeping it real moment: When Allie was told she was too short to ride Mission Space she sat right down in front of the height pole and cried and yelled I want to ride Mission Space! I finally got her calmed down and while Raymond and Abby rode Mission Space, I took Allie to MouseGears and she tried on lots for hats and bought an Ariel purse. After Raymond and Abby finished riding Mission Space it was time for our FP for Soarin’. On our way back to The Land Abby found some ducks so we had to stop and look at them. Once in line for Soarin’ Abby said she was a little nervous about riding but once we finished the ride she loved it as well. I have to say it is one of my favorite rides at Disney World.

Now it is off to The World Showcase. While the girls and I go off into the World Showcase, Raymond goes to get FP for Test Track for later that night. We started in Canada and finished in Mexico. I had made the girls “passport” books where they could get a Cast Member in each country to stamp and sign their book in their native language. They girls also got to color a Duffy Bear at each stop. They ended up with 2 or 3 bears on a stick from their little journey. Some Cast Members were more interactive than others. In Japan we picked an oyster for the pearl inside. I had bought the carriage holders off of Ebay. The girls seem to be happy with the new necklaces and the experience of picking their very first pearl (see next post for pictures of this).

Dinner...Favorite place to eat in Ecpot!

Hidden Mickey....

When we returned on Wednesday these were gone....

We watched a street performer in Italy and each of the girls got to toss him a soccer ball. We finished our world tour with dinner at La Hacienda in Mexico. It was so good and now one of our favorite places to eat now. Keeping it real: Abby would not sit still during dinner and had a hard time obeying as well. After dinner Raymond and Allie went and rode Test Track while Abby and I walked around. We headed for “home” around 8:30pm.

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JenniferL. said...

I wonder what those little red or yellow cards were for, we got one at TSM and I gave it to the guy as instructed but I had no idea why!

And poor Allie, I would have sat down and pouted to ride a ride I was too short for too!