Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More Magic Kingdom

Parade Pictures


At the hotel we rested and had dinner in the food court.  After dinner we returned to MK to take some pictures.  We also rode Aladin’s Magic Carpets, BTMR (Abby and I rode it twice) and then headed to Tomorrowland. Raymond rode Space Mountain while the girls and I rode Buzz Lightyear.


We then found a spot for Wishes. I did not find a good spot since there was a tree blocking part of our view. Keeping it Real: Abby melted down and pitched a HUGE fit to leave right before the fireworks started. She kept saying she had to go to the bathroom but from experience I knew this was just a ploy to leave and not to have to do what we were doing.  Bad Mom Moment: I told her she could pee on herself we were not leaving, this was the one thing I really wanted to do. I also told her if she did not calm down I was going to spank her. She finally calmed down when I sat her down in the stroller and gave her my iPhone to play with. Go figure!

Before Wishes started I had heard that Tinkerbell flys over head from the Castle toward Tomorowland, I guess I just always thought it was an illusion not a real person but Tink was real. 

Abby ended up liking Wishes and even said she would watch it again the next time we were at Disney. I asked her if she would watch it on Thursday night when were back at MK and she said "No, I meant on our next trip." Wishes was amazing and I look forward to seeing it again one day. One the way out the girls keeping saying “best day ever” from Tangled.

The line for the bus was crazy long, it filled up the queue area and flowed out beyond the Pop Century area. We only waited about 15 minutes, they had 2 buses there and when they left 3 more showed up. The girls fell asleep as soon as the bus lights went off and woke up once we were back at the hotel. We all went to bed and I was looking forward to sleeping late on Wednesday.

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