Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Free Day at Disney....Afternoon at Epcot

Wednesday we had nothing planed but dinner at 6:50 at Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We slept late, Abby till 9! After a light breakfast we went swimming until lunch and then had pizza in our room.


We had not planned on going to park today but had park tickets so we decided to head back to Epcot for a few hours. We met Duffy the Disney Bear and read about how he came to be. 

We then walked over to Mexico to ride Gran Fiesta featuring Donald Duck...

After this found the long for Tinker Bell.  It was so hot waiting for her. We finally got to see Tink.  Abby told her that we watched the Fireworks at MK the night before and she asked the girls if they knew how those fireworks were made.  The girls told her no and Tink explained how the Fairies make the different color fireworks.  It was very entertaining. 


After our meeting with Tinkerbell we walked over to The Land to wait and ride Soarin’. We waited for 90 minutes to ride.  Keeping it real moment of the day: Abby had to go the bathroom while we were waiting, I was willing to take her but Raymond did not want us to leave. Abby did not want to ride again but I was pretty sure once we go into the ride she would be fine. I was pretty certain she had to go potty this time and Raymond was very ugly about us leaving the line queue. After I took Abby potty I told her it was time to go back in line and she starting telling me she did not want to ride again. I told her that she had 2 choices; 1-ride Soarin’ or 2-give up the computer, iPhone and Wii for 4 days after we get home. She choose to give up the computer, iPhone, and Wii. She must have been tired to be so close to falling asleep while we were waiting for Raymond and Allie to come out. 

After Soarin' it was time to head to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Boma. 

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