Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summre Update

Hanging out at The Tacky Shack in Oxford, MS.  We went and saw my brother, Keith in his new place in Oxford, MS.  We went to lunch at the hole in the wall place that was had a Volkswagen Bug inside.  The front seats had been removed and a TV placed in it.  The girls sat inside the car for over an hour watching the Disney Channel. 

Trip to Target

Bellevue VBS Show, the girls and Nock Nock.  Bellevue' VBS ends with 3 performances of their drama that the kids have seen each day.  They had a man in a hang glider flying across the room this year, rain and snow (water and white confetti).  After the show you get to go stand in a long line to get pictures made with the performers.  Kinda sounds like Disney......

Then the next week it was VBS at Highland. Living on the Wild Side.  Here is Allie, Abby & Reid with their Panda Jars.

Our swimming pool was tossed at the end of last year when it got a hole in it, so this summer we joined the YMCA.  We went out to the Millington Y with Amy and Ryan one afternoon.  Here is Allie coming out of the slide. They loved going down this slide over and over again.  For a while the girls and Ryan had the slide all to themselves.

Making chocolate covered bananas

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Holly Aytes said...

Our kids do a VBS similiar to Bellvue' is huge and they have a performance on Friday evening. They used to meet the characters afterwards but 2 yrs ago got smart and started doing a breakfast on Saturday morning..the tickets are $5 but it isn't bad since you get to eat and the characters walk around and interact (the kids always get their VBS shirts signed and the breakfast is great)! We joined the Y here too just for the pool. A bunch of our friends did the same which will be fun to go as a group to the pool :)