Friday, June 3, 2011

Traveling To Disney & Downtown Disney

We left at 3:15pm after I picked the girls up from school. I had picked the rental car up earlier in the day. We drove to Tupelo, MS and had dinner at McDonalds. We were doing great until 9:15 when we came to a dead stop in I-65 between Birmingham and Montgomery. We would move every 5 minutes or so. They girls finished their movie and I had them go to sleep around 10. We continued to sit on the interstate until almost 12!! Once we started moving we stopped to get gas and go to the bathroom. While we were waiting on the interstate we decided to cancel our hotel reservation on the other side of Montgomery and drive on through to Orlando. While we were waiting and not knowing what was causing this horrid traffic I was texting Kevin to see if he knew of anything or could find out anything for us. He was working and did not know what was going on. The next morning we found out via the Montgomery newspaper that a tanker truck had over turned that afternoon and we just ended up in the left over congestion.

We drove all night and stopped for breakfast in Gainsville, FL. The drive itself was not pleasant, the roads from Montgomery, AL to Albany, GA were 2 lane country roads where we did not go more than 20 miles on any one highway, many times I did not have cell service and we saw lots of deer on the side of the road, crossing the road and hanging out by the side of the road. We made it to Pop Century by 11am and were able to get right into our room.

Once we unloaded the car and started to get settled into our room the girls wanted to go swimming. So we went swimming for a little while. After we finished in the pool we went back to our room to get ready for dinner at Downtown Disney with my cousin Becca who had moved to Orlando earlier this year. While I was getting ready the girls curled up in the bed and went to sleep. They were tired little girls, Abby was up talking for a while after we finally starting moving the night before.

We went to Downtown Disney before we were to meet Becca for dinner so we could do a little shopping. After dinner at Pollo Campero we walked back through DTD and girls played with Stitch was spitting water out from his perch on top of The World of Disney. They had the best time playing in the water that Stitch was spraying at them. Once back in the hotel it was off to bed to get ready for our first park day! Tomorrow Epcot!


Legos- it is amazing what these guys can do with lego's

Getting some pixie dust...

Playing in the water Stitch is squirting out.... They had so much fun here.

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